PrepWeekly Podcast (Week 1)

We understand. You're busy and don't always have the time to catch us on your local radio waves.

So we've got our show gift-wrapped for you right here.

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2017 Class 6A Mr. Football Predictions

When I started Class 6A football predictions, I had no idea it would take me almost five hours to complete this article/post.

My first list of candidates stretched 30 players long, and all were D-1 prospects. All of them, I said.

So whittling it down to a handful took a lot of film watching.

And so that's what I'm basing my picks on: the guys I have as predicted semifinalists and as my winner made me about jump out of my seat when I watched their Hudl films. I verified their talents through other outlets, as well. 

But I'm trusting my instincts here...

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2017 Division II-AAA Mr. Football Predications

Boy, these predictions weren't easy.

I may or may not have used a Magic 8-ball to settle things. 

OK, I didn't do that. But I did go back and forth on quite a few of these guys. I can't remember having such a loaded pool of talent to chose from than this Division II-AAA. Even some of the guys I left out are some of the top recruits in the Southeast.

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