Week 1 Helmet Stickers

So, the Maryville and Catholic game delivered.

Farragut's overtime win helped mature its new quarterback.

And East Tennessee was introduced to its newest star, who once hailed from Indiana.

Here are this week's Helmet Sticker Winners. 



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2017 Class 5A Mr. Football Predictions

We had a little Twitter banter yesterday (Aug. 14) about if the new TSSAA Mr. Football Format (no split between backs and linemen) would somehow prevent a lineman from winning the award.

Obviously, fans and media alike love to watch and talk about skill players. It's just human nature to follow the ball.

But I have to think that after compiling Class 5A Mr. Football candidates for this season and seeing the players to come in the future, those big linemen will be just fine.

Have a look ... 

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2017 Class 4A Mr. Football Predictions

Thanks, TSSAA. 

So I got through six classifications of predictions and you guys change the Mr. Football format. 

'Preciate it.

Well, instead of going back through Division II and Classes 1-3A and reformatting them, I'll leave those as-is and audible at the line of scrimmage for Class 4A-6A.

So here's what TSSAA is doing now. No more Mr. Football Back or Mr. Football Line. Just Mr. Football. 

They'll start out with five semifinalists, whittle it down to three finalists and then announce one winner. 

So here's who I got for Class 4A Mr. Football ... 


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